Crafts anchovy

In Callol Serrats have evolved, preserving the anchovy flavor and fragrance, keeping us true to our goal of offering the market a natural product of high quality.

What characterizes our company is the process of anchovy, since all the operations are done by hand, no machine intervention.

The anchovy fishing begins in April and ends in September. In Callol Serrats select fresh anchovy in the highest quality. The first part of the process is esganyat that is poked and gut anchovies.

Then put them in barrels of 300 kg. of concentrically and placing them in layers, alternating with salt, to fill the barrel. Once we put full weight on top to make it pressure.

Once you have filled in and pressed the barrel, leave it sit between 3 and 6 months at room temperature, controlling the healing process follow the expected course.

Periodically perform quality checks verifying that the anchovy will acquire the reddish color, texture, aroma and taste that are characteristic to reach optimum ripeness.

Two ways to prepare anchovies in olive oil and salt.
Anchovies in salt: Take the anchovies of the barrels and put them in the pot with salt, pepper and pickle. These anchovies consumers should prepare the home before eating them.
Anchovies in olive oil: the anchovies are sliced, boneless in olive oil and ready to eat.

  • Anchovies Callol Serrats

    Anchovies Callol Serrats

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    Anchovies Callol Serrats kit

Anchovy's preparation

The best way to prepare a home anchovies: Take the can of anchovies we want food, we leave the rest in the pot well covered by salt, cover it and store the jar in the refrigerator. First, wash them, one by one, to the faucet by removing the salt and the skin, remove the backbone, open them and remove the backbone. Once made two steaks, let them drain a few minutes. Then place them in a bowl and cover them in olive oil.